Arkhe, The Word

Arkhe is an ancient Greek word with primary senses ‘beginning’, ‘origin’ or ‘first cause’ and ‘power’, ‘sovereignty’ as extended meanings. The meaning is extended to ‘ultimate underlying substance’ and ‘ultimate indemonstrable principle’. In the language of the archaic period (8th-6th century BC) arkhe (or archai) designates the source, origin or root of things that exist. If a thing is to be well established or founded, its arkhe or starting point must be secure.

Arkhe, The Company

arkhe-logo-smallArkhe Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company specializing in development, regulatory approval and commercialization of specialty products. Arkhe Pharmaceuticals Corporation is affiliated with a leading European biopharmaceutical company for its manufacturing capabilities. Our pipeline includes biologics, as well as novel drug/device combination products for Orphan diseases.

We currently have three biologics in our pipeline, with one of them being close to registration stage with the FDA. Our drug/device combination products are at discovery stage.

We are always eager in acquiring, licensing and/or partnering in underperforming, under-marketed or underdeveloped assets in global pharmaceutical markets, provide necessary funding and expertise to deliver meaningful results to help increase value of the assets; thus, increasing value of Arkhe Pharmaceuticals and our partners.

What Are Biologics & Biosimilars?


Unlike typical drugs made from synthetic chemicals, biologics are produced from a living organism.


Biosimilars are biological products that have been proven to be as safe and effective as originator biologic drugs, but cost less.

Why Biosimilars?

Biosimilars can treat patients with cancer, chronic kidney disease and autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Research Results

This means more treatment options for people with critical and difficult-to-treat illnesses at a lower cost.

Novel Inhalation Products

Optimized Delivery

It is possible to minimize unwanted toxicities and improve efficacy of existing therapies.

Pulmonary Applications

The lung is capable of absorbing pharmaceuticals for systemic delivery

Benefits of Pulmonary Delivery

Reduced dose, reduced side effects and rapid onset of action.

Chronic Diseases

Patients with Diabetes, Cancer, Migraine and Parkinsons can better manage their diseases.