The Word

Arkhe is an ancient Greek word with primary senses 'beginning', 'origin' or 'first cause' and 'power', 'sovereignty' as extended meanings. The meaning is extended to 'ultimate underlying substance' and 'ultimate undemonstrable principle'. In the language of the archaic period (8th-6th century BC) arkhe (or archai) designates the source, origin or root of things that exist. If a thing is to be well established or founded, its arkhe or starting point must be secure.

Our Mission

ARKHE Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a pharmaceutical company specializing in development and commercialization of specialty products.

Our main goal is to acquire and/or license in underperforming, under-marketed or underdeveloped assets. Arkhe will provide necessary funding (and development and commercial support) to deliver meaningful results to help increase value of these assets.

We are targeting oncology products and supportive care, but will consider other specialty areas if the opportunity fits our investment criteria.

Our priority will be on FDA approved products, as well as products currently in development which could be FDA approved in a three to five year timeframe, but we will also review and consider products and technologies that are earlier in development.